Legacy Montessori consists of a Preschool classroom and a Toddler classroom.  Each classroom is furnished with age appropriate equipment and works.  Works are displayed on low shelves for easy access by the students.  While we do have tables for the children to work at the children will use a work rug on the floor for most activities.  Children chose a work that interests them and then take it to their rug.  During the cool times of the year children will be able to work on covered patios

Todder Classroom

         This program is for children 12-months through 2 years and offers developmentally appropriate equipment and works to enrich vocabulary, to allow practice of beginning concepts in letter and number, and to strengthen motor skills.  It provides opportunity for social-emotional development in both individual activities with adults and dramatic play with other children. 

         Healthy snacks are provided by Legacy.  A packed lunch is provided by the parent.  Naptime occurs for all children following lunch.  Nap mats and linens are supplied by Legacy.

         Potty training will begin when the child is identified as ready by both parent and teacher.  Potty training procedures may be obtained from the classroom teacher.  Children may be enrolled in the preschool classroom when they are three years old and potty trained.

Primary Classroom

         This program offers math and language (writing and reading) instruction for kindergarten age children as well as three and four-year-olds.  Children receive lessons in science and geography and opportunities for creativity in art and music.  Healthy snacks are served and a packed lunch is provided by the parent.  Active participation is encouraged in games and play in the play yard and when preferred by a child, quiet solace is protected.  Napping mats and linens are provided for a rest time following lunch.